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This is for you who has been wondering where you really fit. You feel like there is more you can offer your world. There are things you have wanted to do but fear and limiting beliefs continue to hold you back. Maybe you have been conditioned to play...

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Many go to church to worship but many more also go to seek answers to life’s issues – family, health, career, societal and financial challenges. Spiritual interventions help but often, these challenges recur. What if the church could add to its interventions? Where...

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Your mission can be simply defined as the platform you choose to use to accomplish your life purpose. It gives the scope of your operation; geographical location, people profile and time frame.

Purpose, vision and mission. My purpose is to bring out in the best in you. It is the re...

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As the astronauts are figuring out the best way to land on another planet, they hit a snag. It turns out that they need to figure out better technology for their space craft. Right there and then, a problem is born. Unknown to them at the time, the solution may not be available wi...

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Your vision refers to the picture at the end of your race. It is the revealed end result. The end will be revealed today but the path to that end will be disclosed progressively. The journey ahead may be challenging. Full disclosure of the journey today may lead you to quit before yo...

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Transition and Youth coaching

  • Transition coaching

    Are you feeling stuck? Are you done postponing that goal? Write a new chapter in your life. Reach out for new horizons. There is no time like the present!
  • Our niche

    We are called to serve: The unemployed, the underemployed, entrepreneurs, innovators, retirees and those looking to transition to their calling and purpose in life.
  • Youth coaching

    Discover the treasure within. Showcase your genius. Your world awaits!

Bringing out the best in you!

Destinies Deployed was founded by Alice Gachoki a life coach with an accounting background. She is driven by a passion to empower people and communities to achieve their goals. Alice believes that every human being has something unique to offer their world in their lifetime. She has a burden for those society has rendered hopeless, the unemployed, under employed and those who wish to transition from employment to self employment. She is called to help people discover and pursue their calling. Alice is also passionate about empowering those in small businesses. With proper systems, any business can thrive. She has made it her lifetime mission to help people discover the treasure that lies within them and supports them to serve that treasure to their world with confidence.

In line with our vision, we commit to transform communities, one destiny at a time. We are called to move you from where you are to where you want to be; one goal at a time. Through transformational and impactful coaching conversations, we can help you clarify and achieve your goals. The solutions you seek lie within you. 

Our role is to help you unearth your hidden potential. We will be your accountability partner as you define and pursue your dreams. We all need someone to cheer us on as we engage the seasons of life. As you conquer your world, we will be there; rooting for you! Email us and book your free session. We will be glad to serve you.

                   “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”
                                    Theodore Roosevelt      

Our Purpose
We exist to bring out the best in you.

Our Vision
We envision empowered communities that comprise of purpose driven lives.

Our Mission
To transform mindsets in the African continent through coaching, writing, speaking and teaching.

Our Values

Freedom to explore and maximize potential
Teamwork and Accountability

Our Objectives
To empower people to become self- aware.

To empower people to discover and maximize their potential.  

Success story 

- My client registered her business. After discovering her purpose and calling, she moved from unemployment to deployment. However, even with this milestone, she has a lot of untapped potential. This is only the beginning of her story. I'm privileged to be part of her transformation journey. Congrats Terry.

- In partnership with Uzapoint limited, we are creating job opportunities in sales and marketing. We are continually drawing closer to our goal of empowering individuals and by extension communities.

Business support

Uzapoint empowers
micro enterprises with a Mobile Application that helps them
automate their business operations, order items to distributors as
well receive sales orders from customers.


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